Our Partners


Brackenhurst logo

Brackenhurst is an eco-hotel and conference center that Brackenology operates within. Brackenhurst has been restoring the indigenous forest for 20 years, and Brackenology is here to educate people about the thriving plant species on campus. 

Plants For Life

Brackenhurst and Plants for Life are partners in forest restoration and conservation. Plants for Life leads the scientifically focused portion of the conservation efforts, which includes planting trees, harbouring seeds, and doing conservation research. Brackenology works with Plants for Life to educate people on their research and make their technical findings more accessible. 

Woodland Star School​

Woodland Star School is a green school located on the Brackenhurst campus. The curriculum at Woodland Star puts an emphasis on learning about nature and humanity’s place in it. Brackenology works with Woodland Star every few weeks to provide conservation-centred educational experiences for the students.

EDU Africa

EDU Africa is a global educational travel company targeted towards university students. Working with universities around the world, EDU Africa brings students to Brackenhurst to gather data on conservation. We at Brackenology are open to having volunteers come and work with us.