What makes us unique:

Our hotel, conference and educational facilities in the clean air of the Kenyan highlands, together with our restored indigenous forest and a collection of rare and endangered African plants, that distinguishes our work from that of others.

Our Values


Friendliness is important—with colleagues, with guests, and with others who work towards environmental conservation. We seek to build connections to empower ecological restoration in our setting and beyond. We act as a team and value collaboration for the benefit of our work, to cultivate talent, to develop partnerships, and to build commitment to our conservation goals.

We are passionate about what we do and embrace the profound significance of ecological restoration. We seek creative and innovative ways to preserve indigenous plants and to tell their stories; we hope to tell those stories in meaningful, engaging, and educational ways to build awareness and individual, corporate and societal commitment to conservation and sustainable practice.



We champion ecological restoration and sustainability and pursue alignment of our environmental beliefs with our practice. We aspire to meet challenges of conceptualising, establishing, and sustaining our gardens with unfailing focus on excellence. We seek paths to further our aims of ecological restoration, to develop our gardens, and implement sustainable practice.

We join the greater global family of environmentalists and conservationists as we work towards our local goals of restoration and sustainability. We work as a Brackenhurst Garden “family,” recognising the unique contributions we each can make. We acknowledge that our own families inform our work and sometimes take precedence over facets of our work lives.