Our beautiful forest needs your help!

20 years ago our forest was purely exotic trees and had very little biodiversity. After a great deal of work, our forest is now a wonder of Kenya. There are now 160 species of birds and over 650 species of indigenous trees and shrubs! The colobus monkeys have returned, and the forest is thriving. With your help and support we can continue on this journey to ensure that the forest is there for generations to come.

Plant a tree icon

Ksh 250/-

Would support us to Plant a Tree. We are planting more indigenous trees to replace eucalyptus.

Ksh 750/-

Would support us to Build a Bird Box. To encourage even more birds to join us by giving them more roosting spots.

Ksh 1500/-

Would support us to offer a 1 person community forest training for a day.

Ksh 5000/-

Would support us to clear invasive species for one week.

Ksh 10,000/-

Would support us to continue our trail maintenance and improvement scheme.

Ksh 15,000/-

Would support us to personalise a bench with a message of your choice.

If you can donate any more please get in touch with us directly.