Our Gardens

Our Gardens are open from 8 am - 5 pm

Each garden has a special theme that has been curated for optimum visual impact and eduction.

You can also buy some of the beautiful flowers you see around in our flower green house.

Remember that we have a beautiful cafe located near the bees, birds and butterflies playground, that you can sit enjoy the flowers and birds and drink some amazing coffee.

More information about the Gardens

Rubiaceae Garden

East Africa is famous for its delicious coffee and this garden is full of plants from the coffee (Rubiaceae) family. Coffee has a strong appeal for the senses; not only is coffee a delectable drink, but the berries of the plant are beautifully coloured, changing from green to deep red, purple or even golden as they ripen. 

Enchanted forest

As you visit the Enchanted forest, absorb some of the stories of plants associated with different tribes in Kenya. Learn more about indigenous uses of local plants and their cultural connections with people in the area. Be surrounded by a great community of trees and benefit from their legacy. Experience the enchantment of the indigenous forest past and present. 

Indigenous flower garden

Indigenous plants are delicate yet strong threads that stitch together the intricate tapestry of insects and birds that belong in a certain place. This garden showcases some of Kenya’s most beautiful flowering plant species and inspires gardeners to make greater use of these special plants with create a healthier ecosystem.